Praebius Communications Inc.
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Welcome to the Praebius Communications Website

Praebius Communications Inc is a privately held Canadian company specializing in Intellectual Propery and Consulting Services for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) applications. Our services are delivered using a remote work model, our Intellectual property is licenced for general use.

We are the founders of the JavaCL project, the first heterogeneous computing system to use a homogeneous language for both a host processor and FPGA, and to provide a development environment that enables both to be tested on a common platform. The Java code is a free download, libraries for a variety of System on Chip platforms are licenced seperately.

We also are the creators of an FPGA based BNF parsing platform for offload engines, based on the well known YACC (yet another compiler-compiler) parser which compresses BNF rules to state machines. When coupled with our FPGA builder it enables a high speed protocol engine to be realized on a variety of platforms.

We are also the sponsors of several single chip state machine projects, which are used in radio applicationsand realized on an inexpensive FPGA platform.

Recent Announcements

  • March 10th, 2017
    Our domain has changed to .com, new website launched.