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Welcome to the Praebius Communications Website

Praebius Communications Inc is a privately held Canadian service-oriented company specializing delivery quality designs to a variety of clients around the world. We deliver using a remote work model, and can also be "on-site" as needed but continue maintain a remote presence.

Our services are focused on embedded systems and IOT design, from physical hardware to firmware and FPGA design. We use open source CAD design software to ensure ease of access by clients with limited resources, and trend towards licence-free FPGA components for the same reason. Our firmware is written in the C/C++, Java or Assembly languages.

Our flagship DSP product, MapleDSP, generates source code in Verilog for a variety of signal processing structures, including IIR and FIR filters, sine/cosine generators, adaptive and raised cosine filters, as well as an FFT for OFDM/LTE. We are experts in the communications domain, from simple low-speed modem design to higher order modulation schemes, as well as traditional IP based and newer mesh networks.

We also supply inexpensive evaluation platforms for all of our prototypes which can easily be converted or included in an end product, which facilitates rapid prototyping and proof of concept.

For further information, please contact us.