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About Martin Alcock

Thanks for visiting my page.


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A copy of my resume
A copy of my award-winning thesis (295 pages, including program listings).


2,634,133 An architecture for the distribution of data services over coaxial cable. Canadian, primary inventor.
2,724,765 Vehicular Passenger Identification System and Method. Canadian, primary Inventor
5,309,482 Receiver having an adjustable matched filter. US, co-Inventor
12,287,793 Networked Ad Insertion System. US, co-Inventor

Hobbies and Interests

Retro Computing

My first venture into computing! In high school we had a dial up connection that ran at a screaming 110 baud, to a timeshared PDP-8/I. It was on this machine that I learned basic and assembler programming, which stayed with me througout my early career. From then I went on to the Singer System 10, the ICL 1500 Intelligent terminal, the PDP-11 and PDP-10, and also did some time on an IBM 370. I restored an 11/40 back to health, these days I maintain an interest in reproducing these machines in an FPGA that runs about 100 times faster! I own a couple of LSI-11/2 which are still in working order, if I could only get some software for them! The picture is a reproduction of the 8/I by Oscar Vermeulen.

Scuba Diving

My main interest these days is scuba diving, I love to travel and visit the underwater world. I have been certified for 21 years, 20 of which as a professional member of PADI, where I currently hold an assistant instructor certification. I prefer diving in the carribbean, but I will settle for the cold stuff if I have to! I do own a dry suit and have done some diving on the west coast. I have well over 500 logged dives. My other certifications are: Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Night Diver, Underwater Navigator, Equipment Specialist, Wreck Specialty, Ice Diver, Altitude Diver, Enriched Air/Nitrox, Avanced Nitrox (IANTD), Master Scuba Diver and Dive Master, If you are a diver and are looking for a buddy, please let me know. I am always ready to go diving!

Amateur Conductor

My most profound experience was when I led the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra in Bizet's Song of the Toreadors at 'Pops in the park' in 2006. Brings new meaning to the expression 'face the music'.

This also has an interesting backstory. My father, who was an accomlished pianist, passed away in 2001, and had spent his last Christmas with my wife and I the year before. He knew that I had an interest in conducting, and gave me a book on the subject by Sir Adrian Boult. It was the last gift I ever received from him. After his passing, I received a small inheritance which I used to purchase this opportunity. Thanks, Dad.

Amateur Radio

I am a licensed amateur radio operator since 1977, active mostly when we travel in the summer time. I have a shack set up today, and am mostly active deploying the AREDN network here in Calgary and surrounding area, and also workign on my 900 MHz repeater, VE6NHM. At the left is a picture of a field day antenna raising, on the 30th anniversary of my becoming a ham.

I do try to attend the Glacier Park hamfest in Montana when I can, which is on the third weekend in July every year. Come and join us!

Private Pilot

I hold a private pilot licence for light aircraft under 12,500lbs, with endorsements for night flight and dual engine aircraft. The last plane I flew was a 1923 Fokker Super Universal, which was a real treat! I used to own a Cessna 150D which I sold before moving west. We had a club called the "flying hams", our insignia was a pig with wings!

The definition of an airplane: A hole in the air surrounded by metal, into which you pour money!