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Martin Alcock

Martin Alcock, M. Sc, MIEEE has enjoyed a 35+ year career in software engineering, digital signal processing and FPGA development. He has worked in cellulartelephony, instrumentation, differential GPS, OFDM networking, digital video and cable television networks, where he as several patents in these areas.

Martin is the founder of Praebius and manages the company while actively participating in contract fullfillment and the development of in house software products. He studied for his Master's degree in Software Engineering at the University of Liverpool, where he graduated with Distinction and his Dissertation also received an award. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and has been published in techical journals and amateur radio magazines.

Please visit my Amateur Radio Site to find out more about my amateur projects, or my Linked In Page for a more detailed biography. More information about my personal persuits can be found here.

Brian McConkey

Brain McConkey, B. Sc, P. Eng has pursued a 30+ year career as a Professional Engineer in system and circuit design, software and firmware design and coding, and team management. He is the lead hardware Partner and participates both in contract fulfillment and the development embedded systems and Field Programmable Gate Arrays in VHDL and Verilog.

Brian studied for his Batchelor's degree in Engineering at the University of Calgary, and is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta.

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