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Software Products

MapleDSP System Generator Tool

Our MapleDSP tool is a versatile tool for generating signal processing structures on an FPGA in Verilog. Its front end consists of a powerful coefficient generation engine coupled with a graphical display to generate plots for studying magnitude and phase characteristics, which is coupled with a backend that uses a uses a novel templating technique to generate code modules that can be synthesized.

The front end generates the following coefficient types:

  • Biquadratic IIR filters
  • Windowed FIR filters
  • CIC Interpolation/Decimation filters
  • Sine/Cosine generator tables
  • Raised Cosine filters
  • Frequency sampling filters
  • Custom coefficient filters
  • Fast Fourier Transforms
  • LMS Discreate Fourier Transform
  • LSM Adaptive filters
The back end produces verilog code for the following FPGA types:
  • Intel Max 10 Family
  • Intel Cyclone V Family

FPGA Products

Maple Pi HAT Products

The Maple Pi HAT is a test and evaluation platform that mounts on a raspberry Pi B or B+, and contains a MAX 10 FPGA with an audio codec, 8 channel A/D and RS232 interface. It can be programmed directly from the Pi or with a JTAG probe for debugging. There are three models available:

Model Logic Gates Suitability
MaplePI-08 8K Small designs and proof of concept
MaplePI-25 25K Designs with 1-5 DSP elements
MaplePI-50 50K FFT's, Adaptive filters, more complex structures