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FPGA Products

Heterogeneous Computing

JavaCL is an abstration of OpenCL that provides a homogeneous language source for heterogeneous computing systems such as embedded processors and an FPGA. A common development environment is employed for all components, then FPGA component can be realized by decompiling the Java bytecode into a different source form.

YAFOE - Yet another FPGA Offload Engine

YAFOE is an FPGA implementation of the popular compiler-compiler, YACC. Its intended use is for front end parsers for protocol offload engines, simplifying their imlementation significantly. A Protol is reperesented using a set of BNF (Backus-Naur Form) rule, which YACC translates into a state machine. This is then targeted to run on FPGA representation using our proprietary compiler.

Nanocontroller State Machine Products

We are the inventors of the FPGA based nanoprocessor for state machine applications, which can be realized on inexpensive FPGA's. A recent example of a complete radio repeater controller, including state machine, identifier and DTMF decoder, was feature in the December 2016 issue of CQ Ham Radio magazine.

Software Products


We also offer a series of cross-assemblers for microcontrollers, including a generic version that can support a plethora of 8- and 16-bit processors by simply switching tables.

For more information on any of these products please visit the downloads page (Requires a login).